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For anyone who’s gone through the whole medical school process, you know that you will have your share of interviews. First there’s “getting into medical school” interviews, then “getting into residency” interviews, for some “getting into fellowship” interviews….and the most important of all, “getting your first job out of residency” interviews. All my interviews prior […]

It never ends

The other day our department chair gave us a lecture about time management. The first thing he said was “it’s only going to get busier.” Then he spent the rest of the hour giving us his tips for success, one of which was to get up at 5 or 5:30 am daily. (He is one […]


Last month I finished a rotation in traumatic brain injury, which is one of the craziest rotations during our residency. Patients who have had brain injuries go through a certain series of stages during their recovery, one of which may include yelling at you, swearing at you, saying sexually inappropriate things, or playing in their […]

Where have I been?

I have discovered that being in medicine has sucked the creative energy right out of me. Part of the reason is that it’s so time consuming, so intellectually stimulating, and so emotionally exhausting, that by the end of the day, week, or month, I can no longer find that inspired voice inside my head. But […]

And 6 months later…

I am still alive, and actually doing just fine. I have no excuse as to why the long break from my writing. At times I feel like I am transforming so much that I cannot put it into words. I am both shocked that I am a doctor, and yet also quite comfortable making decisions […]

Adult Rehabilitation

I just finished up a wonderful month taking care of veterans on an inpatient rehabilitation floor of a VA center. I really enjoyed having ample amounts of time to get to know the patients, to attend their therapy sessions, and to manage their concurrent medical conditions. I saw patients who had to learn how to walk […]

Peds Rehab

I’m one week into an elective, working at a children’s hospital with a group of pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, and I absolutely love it. Not enough I think to decide for sure to specialize in pediatric rehabilitation, but enough to know that rehabilitation medicine is definitely for me. Up until this point I […]

PM and what?

So I’m here in Bend OR for a rotation, but this time I get to help others heal not their minds (did a psych rotation back in Sept), but their bodies…..Vague, yes, because that is the problem I am having when it comes to telling others what kind of medicine I would like to pursue. […]