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Summer Research

These days I am almost feeling normal; I go to work for 8 hours in the lab, come home to grill something on the back patio surrounded by pots of blooming flowers, devour the vampire books Erinna has begged me to read for over a year, and hang out with my family, usually with a […]

One Down

I did it! One year successfully under my belt, and only a zillion more to go! (If only I could live that long). Monday was the last exam of the year, and the most challenging (of course), since it was the first cumulative final we have had thus far. Usually we are tested on information […]


Sometimes I wish that I could just miraculously transmit my thoughts to this blog, without the effort of having to actually sit down and write. But that would be too easy, and as I am learning through this process, “easy” will not teach me how to be a great physician. Medical school is still just […]

Coffee and Wine

Well we’ve just begun the last class of the year – BBOD – Biological Basis of Disease, where we start on the molecular and cellular level to look at pathology. This will be the bridge to next year, where we will return to each system in the body, but from a pathological perspective; ie. what […]

Making Mistakes

Two weeks ago I started a medical literature elective class and I love it. We read excerpts from different books, do some sort of creative exercise, and then discuss what we thought about the reading. For the first week, we read from a book “House of God” by Samuel Shem, a popular 1970’s novel that […]

Pain Elective

Can you believe we do actually have some choice in medical school about what we want to do with our precious time and energy? A little bit of choice anyway; four credit hours worth! We have to take non-clinical electives, and have four years to complete them. I took the advice of some third and […]

Coming Together

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since I have written. Needless to say, it’s been a rough month. The high I had from my time in the Redwood forest has been erased, only to be replaced with a long to do list and a nagging pain in my abdomen. Yes, the stress is […]

Spirituality in Medicine

I had the utmost pleasure to go out of town a week ago, to an American Medical Student Association conference entitled Spirituality in Medicine, in the gorgeous mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. There were students from all over the county, and we spent the weekend talking about how spirituality plays an important part of a […]

The Breakfast Club

I wish that you all could see the stack of books I’ve bought since September, as well as the stack of syllabi for the two classes I have survived; all together they come up to my waist, and I’m only half way through the first year! Gross Anatomy, Imaging, and Embryology is behind me, as […]

Healer’s Art

Last week I started an elective class called the Healer’s Art. It is a class created by a physician Dr. Rachel Remen, who wrote a wonderful book, “Kitchen Table Wisdom.” This book of incredibly moving short stories was of the few encouragements I had when choosing to enter medical school. It gave me hope that […]