Monthly Archives: June 2011

First Day as a Real Doctor

After one week of a painfully unorganized orientation, about which I won’t bore you with the details, I finally showed up for my first official day of work as a new doctor. I am a starting on a neurology rotation, and because I thought I had another week to prepare before finding out the previous […]

The Big Move

4 days. 2,580 miles. $335 in gas. $122 in food. $337 for hotel. $2200 for a storage pod of our belongings. Moving is expensive! And exhausting! The process all started well over a month ago, when I had to plan how we were going to get to Pittsburgh, and there were several options. On the […]

Dr. Brooke here

Tomorrow will be one week since the graduation of OHSU’s Class of 2011, the day I walked across the stage at a fancy theater in downtown Portland, kneeled in front of a huge crowd, and received a piece of fabric called a “hood” draped across my shoulders. The master of ceremonies, one of the many […]