Monthly Archives: September 2010

Residency Applications

Well, I can finally breath a small sigh of relief, now that I have a few residency interviews scheduled. You may or may not recall that a few postings ago I wrote about having to have tremendous patience with the process of applying to residency, and that is such an understatement. Super, super, super, patience […]

Don’t Forget the Rectal Exam

I’m in my third week of a rotation called a sub-internship in internal medicine. That’s where you sort of behave like an intern, taking on more patients and responsibilities than you do as a third year med student, but not as much as a full blown intern. It’s a stepping stone towards that day when […]

Code Blue

On call team of fresh intern shadowed by still maturing med student, calmly interviewing sweet sick grandmother troubled by days of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. God-like overhead voice: Code Blue room 3408, Code Blue room 3408, Code blue Room 3408. Rapidly exit grandmother’s room Run, Run, Run, past family in ICU waiting area who stare […]

Adult Rehabilitation

I just finished up a wonderful month taking care of veterans on an inpatient rehabilitation floor of a VA center. I really enjoyed having ample amounts of time to get to know the patients, to attend their therapy sessions, and to manage their concurrent medical conditions. I saw patients who had to learn how to walk […]