Monthly Archives: June 2010


I’m two weeks into our required 4th year rotation in Neurology, and loving it. Not only because it’s 4th year, and so much more mellow than the anxiety driven 3rd year, but also because I really like neurology. Now I also don’t put myself into the category of a student that would be well suited to […]

Welcome to 4th year

I’m only one week into 4th year and it’s absolutely fabulous. This is due in part to the rotation I’m currently on – neurology, but it’s also because 3rd year is behind me, and with 4th year comes much more free time and autonomy while working. My first day on neurology was a half day of […]

Gyn Onc

The other half of my OBGYN rotation was what’s known in shorthand, Gyn Onc, which stands for gynecological oncology – cancer of the female reproductive organs. So for two weeks I saw patients who either already had been diagnosed with cervical, ovarian, uterine (endometrial), vaginal, or vulvar cancer, or who had a tumor of unknown […]

Labor and Delivery

Ok, so I’m not a total novice when it comes to giving birth. Of course it was 17 years ago when my body took over and pushed out a 6 lb, 6 oz little girl, but I remember every single minute of it, in part because I was hippie enough (AKA young and dumb) to […]