Monthly Archives: December 2009

Oh…Dr. Brooke?

There’s something that happens once you start medical school and you go home to visit your family for the holidays. Every family member asks you about their health, no matter that you usually have no idea what they are suffering from. No matter when you explain you are just a student, only in your third […]

PM and what?

So I’m here in Bend OR for a rotation, but this time I get to help others heal not their minds (did a psych rotation back in Sept), but their bodies…..Vague, yes, because that is the problem I am having when it comes to telling others what kind of medicine I would like to pursue. […]


A friend of mine in med school recently said to me that “you need to be rich to go to medical school,” in response to the financial struggles she has had in the last few years. While I don’t think you do have to be rich, there is an element of truth to her statement. […]