Monthly Archives: March 2009

Blood from a Stone

Ever wonder what this idiom means? I mean, you can’t really get anything from out of a stone, except maybe a bruise if you slam it up against your head. I’m thinking that maybe that’s what I will call my book about medical school, not only because the process is difficult, but also because it’s […]


Got your attention huh? You may think that all I ever do is study, sleep, and eat, but there actually is time to do a few other things in my life, and one of them is called the “Student Resource Committee.” About three years ago there was an incidence here at OHSU where one less […]


When I was an undergraduate, I was never one to stay up all night before an exam and cram. I always wrote papers days or weeks before they were due, and I only used the time right before an exam for review. Well those days have certainly come to pass. I am now a crammer. […]