Monthly Archives: February 2008

Spirituality in Medicine

I had the utmost pleasure to go out of town a week ago, to an American Medical Student Association conference entitled Spirituality in Medicine, in the gorgeous mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. There were students from all over the county, and we spent the weekend talking about how spirituality plays an important part of a […]

The Breakfast Club

I wish that you all could see the stack of books I’ve bought since September, as well as the stack of syllabi for the two classes I have survived; all together they come up to my waist, and I’m only half way through the first year! Gross Anatomy, Imaging, and Embryology is behind me, as […]

Healer’s Art

Last week I started an elective class called the Healer’s Art. It is a class created by a physician Dr. Rachel Remen, who wrote a wonderful book, “Kitchen Table Wisdom.” This book of incredibly moving short stories was of the few encouragements I had when choosing to enter medical school. It gave me hope that […]