Monthly Archives: October 2007

The Final Cuts

Only one more week of gross anatomy lab, and it definitely feels like the last six miles of a marathon. Part of it is the daily monotony of two hours lecture, two hours lab; part is the tediousness of picking through tissues to find the needle in the haystack; part is the incessant need to […]

Balance, Part 2

I’ve had a lot of time, well that’s an overstatement, a few free minutes here and there, to think about my last blog, and about what I do to try to maintain some sort of balance in my life. Even though I have already figured out that it’s not really possible to have equal “balance” […]


During orientation many second year students as well as the faculty gave us first year “virgins” lots of advice about how to have balance while in medical school: How to keep your marriage or relationship strong (schedule dates), how to decrease stress (exercise or learn meditation), how to study effectively (figure out what type of […]

Temple of the Unknown

On the first day of orientation to gross anatomy six weeks ago, we were told that people looked just as different on the inside as they do on the outside. The last two weeks have proven that statement, as we dived into the abdominal cavity, revealing all the organs below the diapraghm. First let me […]