Monthly Archives: September 2007

Heart of the Matter

The reality of medical school has hit, and I am trying to get use to all the feelings that coexist at the same time: 1. feeling overwhelmed, and behind with the work load, 2. excited about all the cool new things that I am learning, and 3. tired, tired, tired. Yes it’s true, medical school […]

Through my Hands

Two firsts this last week. The first time I cut open a human hand (albeit a dead one), and the first time I held a child sized stethoscope to the chest of an eight week old baby. Both were startling and humbling moments. The human hand took two days of dissection to unravel. In part […]

Care of the Patient

This upcoming week we will get to experience something that is quite rare in medical school curriculum – our first real patient contact in the third week of class. OHSU differs from other medical schools in that we start to see patients in clinical settings right away, rather than waiting until the third year of […]