Monthly Archives: August 2007

A Day in the Life…..

Since nothing absolutely transformative has yet happened in my education, I thought it might be interesting to know what my life is like day to day (that way you might understand why I never call you back…). My day starts early, 5:30 am. It’s now dark when I get up, and the sun is coming […]

No Turning Back

After our first two days in the anatomy lab, I realize that I will never be the same. I have crossed a threshold, one that feels more like a monstrous cliff rather than a fine line. I have joined that group of people, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, naturopaths, and all the other health care providers, […]

The Gift

Yesterday we were introduced to the anatomy lab, and with it, our cadaver that will be probed and explored in the next 11 weeks. It wasn’t as traumatic as I had anticipated. As I entered the lab, I looked around to the 30 work stations: large stainless steel tables, containing drawers with all of our […]

The First Week of a New Life

Well friends, family, and clients, the time has finally come: the moment I have been striving towards for the last four years – the beginning of medical school. The first week was much like the last four years: a true test of patience (we are still waiting to actually start class), of dedication (biking up […]