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Is it worth it?

Last week was wonderful only in the sense that our whole class got together for a week of lectures. Since we’re all spread out over different hospitals and clinics at any given time during 3rd and 4th year of medical school, we don’t often come together. The week was entitled “Transition to Residency” and consisted […]

The Interview Trail

Here I am in a Midwestern city, just finished yet another day of interviews. I am only halfway through all  my interviews, and yet I feel like I have been dancing this dance forever. After a few they all seem to blur together, faces, names, and program details. I think I finally understand when last […]

Code Blue

On call team of fresh intern shadowed by still maturing med student, calmly interviewing sweet sick grandmother troubled by days of nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. God-like overhead voice: Code Blue room 3408, Code Blue room 3408, Code blue Room 3408. Rapidly exit grandmother’s room Run, Run, Run, past family in ICU waiting area who stare […]

My Mid-Med School Crisis

OK, maybe it’s not really a crisis. It’s a “I’m so physically tired, and sick of always smiling and pretending I’m loving each of these rotations and the crazy hours some of them require, and I can’t get motivated to study for the exam that’s coming up at the end of the rotation, and I […]

Personal Medicine

I finally finished the long haul of ten weeks of internal medicine, and the 4th years were right in their advice, just hold on for a wild ten week roller coaster ride. I learned a ton, the hours were long, and I’m happy to say it’s over. I do feel so much more prepared to […]


Several weeks ago I sat down with one of the residents that was supervising me, so that she could give me feedback about my performance. I imagine that students fall into one of several categories when it comes to answering the question: “How do you think you are doing?” Either 1. a student will think […]

Sick Doctors

I remember once during my massage years seeing one of my regulars who was an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) and asking how he had been since his last massage. He reported that he was very very sick, sicker than he had been in many years. I asked him if he took any time off work, to […]


A friend of mine in med school recently said to me that “you need to be rich to go to medical school,” in response to the financial struggles she has had in the last few years. While I don’t think you do have to be rich, there is an element of truth to her statement. […]


So I finally got through surgery, but not before having to learn to adapt to the tension riddled environment that clouds a surgical rotation. And given the feedback from my classmates that have had other surgical rotations, not at the VA with different residents and attendings, my experience doesn’t seem to be unique. It was […]

Blood, Guts, and Feces

Ok, ok, I know it’s a gross title, but some of the surgeries I have participated in are…..well, with no intent to disrespect the patient, gross. I have had the pleasure of working with a colorectal surgeon in the past week. We have repaired anal fistulas, removed polyps in the rectum, and last night, attempted […]