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Step #3

It’s true what they say: the step 3 board exam is by far the easiest of all the board exams. While this is true, I wouldn’t recommend the historically repeated study schedule: 2 weeks for step 1, 2 days for step 2, and a number 2 pencil for step 3. You know this must have been […]

Aches and Pains

Just finished a rotation in Rheumatology, a specialty of internal medicine that treats diseases related to inflammation of the joints and soft tissues. I saw my share of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and Lupus. I also got to take care of patients with more rare diseases such as scleroderma, Sjogrens, and vasculitis (inflammation of the blood […]

Night and Day

I’m just about finished with a fast and furious rotation in the emergency room of a busy downtown Pittsburgh hospital, and my shifts are full of adrenaline, fun, frustration, and lots of learning. But I suppose I should back up a month and fill in the gaps. The last rotation was also a wonderful rotation, […]

Intern 101

After 2 months of easier rotations, I finally got thrown into the real work of internship – a month on the hospital floors. For those in the field of medicine, there’s no need to explain the stress and anxiety in that first month, and for those lucky enough to not be in health care, just […]

Radiology Holiday

I’m 2 weeks into my second rotation of residency, Radiology, and not yet feeling like a true Intern. Neurology, my first month rotation, was just a tease – I worked long hours (but not as long as what’s to come), ran around between 4 different hospitals, and saw lots of patients, but didn’t really make […]

First Day as a Real Doctor

After one week of a painfully unorganized orientation, about which I won’t bore you with the details, I finally showed up for my first official day of work as a new doctor. I am a starting on a neurology rotation, and because I thought I had another week to prepare before finding out the previous […]

The Big Move

4 days. 2,580 miles. $335 in gas. $122 in food. $337 for hotel. $2200 for a storage pod of our belongings. Moving is expensive! And exhausting! The process all started well over a month ago, when I had to plan how we were going to get to Pittsburgh, and there were several options. On the […]