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So I finally got through surgery, but not before having to learn to adapt to the tension riddled environment that clouds a surgical rotation. And given the feedback from my classmates that have had other surgical rotations, not at the VA with different residents and attendings, my experience doesn’t seem to be unique. It was […]

Blood, Guts, and Feces

Ok, ok, I know it’s a gross title, but some of the surgeries I have participated in are…..well, with no intent to disrespect the patient, gross. I have had the pleasure of working with a colorectal surgeon in the past week. We have repaired anal fistulas, removed polyps in the rectum, and last night, attempted […]

Vascular Surgery

I have found it to be true what all the previous students have warned us about the clinical years of med school – it’s all team dependent. It’s not such a novel concept actually, and can be applied to all areas of life – what you experience is directly dependent on who you work with. […]