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Step #3

It’s true what they say: the step 3 board exam is by far the easiest of all the board exams. While this is true, I wouldn’t recommend the historically repeated study schedule: 2 weeks for step 1, 2 days for step 2, and a number 2 pencil for step 3. You know this must have been […]

Board Exams….Part 2

I’m on day #7 of a 3 week stint of studying for the second board exam. You’re probably thinking, wait didn’t you already do this exam? Yup, already did it last year, and it’s that time again. There’s even one more board exam that has to be done prior to being able to practice medicine; […]

Golden Weekend

I have a blessed two days off after just finishing my pediatric rotation yesterday, and just before starting surgery Monday; hence the well known term in Medical lingo – a “Golden Weekend”. So what am I doing in these two wonderful patient free study free days? First of all, sleeping. I took a nap yesterday […]

Phew! Half Way There.

I can finally say that I am halfway through medical school, and 1/3 of the way to being a licensed physician. Two days ago I took the grueling 7 hour long Step 1 Board exam, an exam that I hope to never ever have to study for or take again. I’m confident that I passed, […]

5 Days Down, 23 to Go

I have a monthly calendar hanging up nearby, with big beautiful blue X’s through each of the last 5 days. Underneath those blue sharpie lines are tiny notes of what I attempted to study for that day – renal, pharmacology, GI (gastrointestinal), anatomy, embryology, hematology, and oncology. That’s what I’ve reviewed so far, and it’s […]