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Phew! Half Way There.

I can finally say that I am halfway through medical school, and 1/3 of the way to being a licensed physician. Two days ago I took the grueling 7 hour long Step 1 Board exam, an exam that I hope to never ever have to study for or take again. I’m confident that I passed, […]

5 Days Down, 23 to Go

I have a monthly calendar hanging up nearby, with big beautiful blue X’s through each of the last 5 days. Underneath those blue sharpie lines are tiny notes of what I attempted to study for that day – renal, pharmacology, GI (gastrointestinal), anatomy, embryology, hematology, and oncology. That’s what I’ve reviewed so far, and it’s […]

Valerie’s Growth and Development

I choose this title because we are finishing the last class of the school year, Human Growth and Development, and as we go through the stages of fertilization, fetal growth, birth, childhood, adulthood, and the elder years, I realize that med school is so much like growing into a completely new person. I imagine that […]

The Sprint

It’s almost impossible to believe, but we only have a mere 6 weeks left of class before the first two years of medical school are completely over. So far we have taken classes in * Gross Anatomy and Embryology * Cell Structure and Function * Systems Processes and Homeostasis * Biological Basis of Disease * […]

Blood from a Stone

Ever wonder what this idiom means? I mean, you can’t really get anything from out of a stone, except maybe a bruise if you slam it up against your head. I’m thinking that maybe that’s what I will call my book about medical school, not only because the process is difficult, but also because it’s […]


Got your attention huh? You may think that all I ever do is study, sleep, and eat, but there actually is time to do a few other things in my life, and one of them is called the “Student Resource Committee.” About three years ago there was an incidence here at OHSU where one less […]


When I was an undergraduate, I was never one to stay up all night before an exam and cram. I always wrote papers days or weeks before they were due, and I only used the time right before an exam for review. Well those days have certainly come to pass. I am now a crammer. […]

Don’t Do It

For those of you who are following this blog as a way to get an inside glimpse into the world you ache to join, I have some advice for you. Don’t do it. Don’t go to medical school, unless you are absolutely sure there is NOTHING ELSE you can imagine yourself doing. I have finally […]

Tunnel Vision

Just finished the first exam for Neuroscience, and while I know that I passed, there was a lot of guessing going on. At first I thought it was because I had missed things said in lecture (remember I stay home to read and study), but after the test, when I talked to those who go […]


You may be wondering where I’ve disappeared to….I had a two week break in December and the first few days in January, during which time I didn’t do much more than sleep, eat, take naps, cook yummy food, and catch up on a lot of TV. Watched the second season of Heroes, the fifth season […]