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Sometimes I wish that I could just miraculously transmit my thoughts to this blog, without the effort of having to actually sit down and write. But that would be too easy, and as I am learning through this process, “easy” will not teach me how to be a great physician. Medical school is still just […]

Making Mistakes

Two weeks ago I started a medical literature elective class and I love it. We read excerpts from different books, do some sort of creative exercise, and then discuss what we thought about the reading. For the first week, we read from a book “House of God” by Samuel Shem, a popular 1970’s novel that […]

Pain Elective

Can you believe we do actually have some choice in medical school about what we want to do with our precious time and energy? A little bit of choice anyway; four credit hours worth! We have to take non-clinical electives, and have four years to complete them. I took the advice of some third and […]