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I’ve come up for a breath of sweet cold Oregon air, and thankfully have some free time over the holidays to share with you all what has happened in the last several weeks. The event that stands out the most is a memorial service our class put on two weeks ago for the body donor’s […]

The Final Cuts

Only one more week of gross anatomy lab, and it definitely feels like the last six miles of a marathon. Part of it is the daily monotony of two hours lecture, two hours lab; part is the tediousness of picking through tissues to find the needle in the haystack; part is the incessant need to […]

Balance, Part 2

I’ve had a lot of time, well that’s an overstatement, a few free minutes here and there, to think about my last blog, and about what I do to try to maintain some sort of balance in my life. Even though I have already figured out that it’s not really possible to have equal “balance” […]

Temple of the Unknown

On the first day of orientation to gross anatomy six weeks ago, we were told that people looked just as different on the inside as they do on the outside. The last two weeks have proven that statement, as we dived into the abdominal cavity, revealing all the organs below the diapraghm. First let me […]

Heart of the Matter

The reality of medical school has hit, and I am trying to get use to all the feelings that coexist at the same time: 1. feeling overwhelmed, and behind with the work load, 2. excited about all the cool new things that I am learning, and 3. tired, tired, tired. Yes it’s true, medical school […]

Through my Hands

Two firsts this last week. The first time I cut open a human hand (albeit a dead one), and the first time I held a child sized stethoscope to the chest of an eight week old baby. Both were startling and humbling moments. The human hand took two days of dissection to unravel. In part […]

A Day in the Life…..

Since nothing absolutely transformative has yet happened in my education, I thought it might be interesting to know what my life is like day to day (that way you might understand why I never call you back…). My day starts early, 5:30 am. It’s now dark when I get up, and the sun is coming […]

No Turning Back

After our first two days in the anatomy lab, I realize that I will never be the same. I have crossed a threshold, one that feels more like a monstrous cliff rather than a fine line. I have joined that group of people, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, naturopaths, and all the other health care providers, […]

The Gift

Yesterday we were introduced to the anatomy lab, and with it, our cadaver that will be probed and explored in the next 11 weeks. It wasn’t as traumatic as I had anticipated. As I entered the lab, I looked around to the 30 work stations: large stainless steel tables, containing drawers with all of our […]