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Dr. Brooke here

Tomorrow will be one week since the graduation of OHSU’s Class of 2011, the day I walked across the stage at a fancy theater in downtown Portland, kneeled in front of a huge crowd, and received a piece of fabric called a “hood” draped across my shoulders. The master of ceremonies, one of the many […]

Match Day

The day that every medical student painfully waits for. The day our futures are set irreversibly down a path we cannot deter from. The day that we breathe a sigh of relief because we have a job.  The day we cry tears of joy or disbelief or disappointment based on the city where we end […]

Adult Rehabilitation

I just finished up a wonderful month taking care of veterans on an inpatient rehabilitation floor of a VA center. I really enjoyed having ample amounts of time to get to know the patients, to attend their therapy sessions, and to manage their concurrent medical conditions. I saw patients who had to learn how to walk […]

Welcome to 4th year

I’m only one week into 4th year and it’s absolutely fabulous. This is due in part to the rotation I’m currently on – neurology, but it’s also because 3rd year is behind me, and with 4th year comes much more free time and autonomy while working. My first day on neurology was a half day of […]

Bubble of Luck

My husband just finished reading a book entitled “Outliers” by Malcolm Gladwell, which discusses what goes into the creation of a successful person. Is it merely a matter of talent, education, socioeconomic status, free time to put towards a pursuit, or it is just a matter of luck? Of course it’s most likely a combination, […]

Spirituality in Medicine

I had the utmost pleasure to go out of town a week ago, to an American Medical Student Association conference entitled Spirituality in Medicine, in the gorgeous mountains of Santa Cruz, CA. There were students from all over the county, and we spent the weekend talking about how spirituality plays an important part of a […]

Healer’s Art

Last week I started an elective class called the Healer’s Art. It is a class created by a physician Dr. Rachel Remen, who wrote a wonderful book, “Kitchen Table Wisdom.” This book of incredibly moving short stories was of the few encouragements I had when choosing to enter medical school. It gave me hope that […]


I’ve come up for a breath of sweet cold Oregon air, and thankfully have some free time over the holidays to share with you all what has happened in the last several weeks. The event that stands out the most is a memorial service our class put on two weeks ago for the body donor’s […]

Balance, Part 2

I’ve had a lot of time, well that’s an overstatement, a few free minutes here and there, to think about my last blog, and about what I do to try to maintain some sort of balance in my life. Even though I have already figured out that it’s not really possible to have equal “balance” […]

Through my Hands

Two firsts this last week. The first time I cut open a human hand (albeit a dead one), and the first time I held a child sized stethoscope to the chest of an eight week old baby. Both were startling and humbling moments. The human hand took two days of dissection to unravel. In part […]