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Dr. Brooke here

Tomorrow will be one week since the graduation of OHSU’s Class of 2011, the day I walked across the stage at a fancy theater in downtown Portland, kneeled in front of a huge crowd, and received a piece of fabric called a “hood” draped across my shoulders. The master of ceremonies, one of the many […]

The Last Time

Although it was several weeks ago, I still remember all the patients I saw on my last day as a medical student. I was working in the Emergency Room at the Veteran’s Hospital, trying to keep up with the heavy influx of patients, most of whom would wait several hours before being seen by myself or […]

Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

I’m two weeks into my last rotation of medical school, Emergency Medicine. But before I launch into a description, I have yet to relay what delight I had in my last rotation, Geriatrics. I had the pleasure of spending several weeks in a long term care facility, taking care of patients who were either permanently […]

Match Day

The day that every medical student painfully waits for. The day our futures are set irreversibly down a path we cannot deter from. The day that we breathe a sigh of relief because we have a job.  The day we cry tears of joy or disbelief or disappointment based on the city where we end […]

Body Language

I had the pleasure of recently meeting a well-known and respected physician from Stanford, who is also a writer, having written books such as Cutting for Stone and The Tennis Partner. He came to Eugene Oregon to give a lecture to local physicians entitled “The Physical Exam in A Technological Age,” and several hours prior […]

Vacation’s Over…..Sort Of

I wasn’t actually on vacation since the end of November, but with all the time I had in the last few months to hang out with my family, in between the interview trips, it certainly felt like a long vacation. Now I’m back seeing patients, working with a doctor in a rheumatology clinic (diseases that […]

The Interview Trail

Here I am in a Midwestern city, just finished yet another day of interviews. I am only halfway through all  my interviews, and yet I feel like I have been dancing this dance forever. After a few they all seem to blur together, faces, names, and program details. I think I finally understand when last […]

Trying to Die

That’s what I have heard the attending doctors and the seasoned residents say in the last several weeks as we take care of  very sick patients in the intensive care unit. The patients are “trying to die,” while we, the doctors, attempt everything possible to keep that from happening. So needless to say, thoughts and […]

Residency Applications

Well, I can finally breath a small sigh of relief, now that I have a few residency interviews scheduled. You may or may not recall that a few postings ago I wrote about having to have tremendous patience with the process of applying to residency, and that is such an understatement. Super, super, super, patience […]

Don’t Forget the Rectal Exam

I’m in my third week of a rotation called a sub-internship in internal medicine. That’s where you sort of behave like an intern, taking on more patients and responsibilities than you do as a third year med student, but not as much as a full blown intern. It’s a stepping stone towards that day when […]