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Adult Rehabilitation

I just finished up a wonderful month taking care of veterans on an inpatient rehabilitation floor of a VA center. I really enjoyed having ample amounts of time to get to know the patients, to attend their therapy sessions, and to manage their concurrent medical conditions. I saw patients who had to learn how to walk […]

Peds Rehab

I’m one week into an elective, working at a children’s hospital with a group of pediatric physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors, and I absolutely love it. Not enough I think to decide for sure to specialize in pediatric rehabilitation, but enough to know that rehabilitation medicine is definitely for me. Up until this point I […]

PM and what?

So I’m here in Bend OR for a rotation, but this time I get to help others heal not their minds (did a psych rotation back in Sept), but their bodies…..Vague, yes, because that is the problem I am having when it comes to telling others what kind of medicine I would like to pursue. […]